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3D Delta


These box style kites fly with ease in the lightest of breezes. Very stable in the air and come in 2 sharp graphic colour designs. Comes with line and storage bag. Size: 1.8m x 80cm

Air Raider


Brilliant design with sharp graphics, has a efficient sail configuration so it has superb speed with more control in all areas of flight. One of the best small kites to be released. 1.2m wingspan, 3mm carbon fibre, ripstop polyester. Winds 15-35kph. Comes



Size: 1.4mt, Material: Ripstop Polyester, Frame: 4mm fibreglass, Wind speed: 10- 25kmh. Comes with: holding straps, 70lb line on Winderplate, spare rods, connectors. Great for dual line beginners



Superbly printed Australian windsock , fly it with pride or where ever! Size: 150cm x 14cm

Backpacker Diamond


Original Diamond style kite. Light to moderate winds, easy to fly, tight packaging. Fibreglass frame, assortment of colours. Comes with line. 92cm x 92cm



Brightly coloured with spinning rear propeller 42cm long, ripstop polyester with 75cm fibreglass pole & stake



Super kite for any age, flys in the lightest of winds. A real eye catcher in the sky with its black silky nylon. Comes with line and storage bag. Size: 1.7m x 71cm



Brilliantly coloured, simple and fun to fly. Comes with line and storage bag. Size: 1.85m x 90cm

Bright Eyes


Easy to fly, suit any age, a joy to see in the sky. Assortment of colours. Easy to assemble, comes with line and storage bag. Size: 2.4m x 96cm

Brilliant Butterfly

Brilliant Butterfly small

Big and very bright, this kite has brilliant graphics. Suitable for the 8 plus age range, it makes a beautiful sight in the sky. 1.45 x 1.75m

Build a Kite

DIY Kite cropped7

This Kite kit comes with everything you need to build a diamond kite. Assembly & kite instructions. Nice, Tyvec material. Line included. 79cm x 63cm



This delta kite has a beautiful printed butterfly design, comes in 3 colours, floats thru the sky with ease. Comes with line and storage bag.Size: 2.4m x 96cm

Cobra Large


Huge 17 meters long... These are an awesome sight in the sky with their huge long flowing tails and rainbow pattern. They fly so effortlessly. Comes with line and storage bag. Size: 17 m x 106cm

Cobra Small


Big 10 meters long... These are an awesome sight in the sky with their big long flowing tails and rainbow pattern. They fly so effortlessly. Comes with line and storage bag. Size: 10m x 96cm

Colour in Butterfly


Beautiful shaped butterfly kite. Colour in to your own pattern,  5 crayons included. 

Cotton Handle - heavy and light


60 meter cotton line on Plastic handle.... Light line Yellow handle. Heavy Line Green handle

Dacron single and pair


VARIOUS LINE SIZES , see detail for more information

Design Your Own Kite


Design your own kite. Draw or design your own picture, write a message? Ripstop nylon. Comes with 5 crayons 56cm x 56cm line included.

Diamond Rainbow


Conventional diamond design kite with rainbow pattern. Easy to fly. Low end kite . Comes with line and storage bag. Size: 94cm x 80cm

Dragon Delta

dragon jpeg8

Size: 120cm wide Fibreglass framed great flying delta shaped kite Colourful printed design, easy flyer. Comes with: line

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