Single Line Kites


Our wide range of single line kites are designed for beginners, small children and the young at heart. They include animal kites , bird kites, 3D kites, delta kites and classic diamond kites. All of our single line kites come with fibreglass rods, line, instructions & storage bag so you can safely store them away for years to come. Our single line kites are designed to last.

All age & wind speed information are on each kite's packaging.

Name Thumbnail Image Description  

Midget Rainbow


Our smaller version of the popular rainbow delta range. Ready and easy to fly, great for the little ones. Comes with line. Size: 1.4m x 68cm

Mini Bat


Simple small kite, black bat shaped with long tail. Looks great in the sky 19cm x 45cm

Mini Butterfly


Lovely printed graghics. Small, perfect for the young ones. No assembly required. 50cm x 50cm

Mini Dragon


Simple small kite, with long dragon shaped tail. Looks great in the sky. 19cm x 45cm



Brilliant bird graphics. A real hoot to fly. Comes with line and storage bag. Size 1.5m x 1m


Parrot small

Colourful and majestic, this kite feature laser cut feathers and seems to look at you with a cheeky grin! Suitable for anyone from 5 years plus, it is a great hit for adults and kids alike.

Pirate Bird

pirate bird jpeg

Size: 120cm wide Classic delta shape kite, easy flyer. Bright printed design, easy flyer, Suit light to medium winds Comes with: line

Rainbow Super V


Similar kite to the Fantastic Super V and is the largest of our rainbow deltas. Flys superb. Comes with line and storage bag. Size: 4.5m x 1.8m

Reef fish


Great middle size kite. Suit wide range of ages. Easily assembled. Light – medium winds. 140cm x 110 cm


No image set

Classic delta kite with a traditional serpent image. Has a long 5m tail. Easy to fly. Comes with line and storage bag. Size: 5m x 96cm



Looks great swimming thru the blue sky. Easy flyer, suit any age. Comes with line and storage bag. Size: 1.8m x 1.1m

Small Rainbow


Great flying delta, classic rainbow design. Built to last. Tail 2m long. Easy to assemble, comes with line and storage bag. Size: 2m x 96cm



Great looking, easy to fly. Large delta kite, very stable in light winds. Suit ages 10-78. Fibreglass frame, comes with line, tube tail. Big kite! 1.8m x 3.1m

Super Eagle

Super eagle small9

This kite is our biggest Eagle kite. Brilliant lifelike graphics, we had the real birds trying to swoop it while we were testing it! Front rod system to ensure very stable and steady flying, this easy to fly kite is a hit with a wide range of ages, and suitable for the 8 plus range. 1.8m x 83cm

Super V


This is a kite for the connoisseur. Big 1.8m diameter. Made by craftsmen. Pleasure to fly. Comes in various colours with line and storage bag. Size: 7.6m x 1.8m

Swallow Tail


This kite is a classic swallow design. Brilliant bright colours definitely attracts attention. Easy and ready to fly. Comes with line and storage bag. Size: 1.6m x 1m

Tropical Fish


Great large kite for any age with its bright tropical colours, swims like a fish in light winds. Comes with line and storage bag. Size: 2.2m wingspan.


Turtle small

Sea Turtle - 1.4m x 70cm

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