Dual and Quad Line kites


dual and quad line kites

Please note:

That sports kite flying is potentially dangerous, and great care must be taken to ensure the safety of the flyer and other people. Always consider safety first when flying. Safety is the responsibility of the kite flyer. Always fly within the limits of your ability. Do not fly beyond the recommended wind-speed for your kite. Fly your kite away from other people and keep clear of railways, roads, buildings and power lines and stay at least 4km from airports.



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With its 3m wingspan this dual line foil kite has some serious pull. Great trainer for windsurfers or to just have fun power foiling. 210T ripstop polyester. Winds 8-15kph. Comes with line and carry bag.



Brilliant looking quad line kite, with it's 2 meter span it is responsive and a great way to get into 4 line flying. Holds shape beautifully in turns and a real buzz to control. Ripstop polyester. Winds 12-25kph. Includes line and bag

Sky Walker

sky walker

Comes in 2 bright colour options, Size: 250 cm wide Dual line Foil, Material: Ripstop Polyester, frameless, Wind speed: 5-25kmh. Comes with: line, carry bag