Our kites are really easy to fly!  For all our single foil kites you won't need any help.  Have someone hold your kite above their head and the wind will let it take off without any further assistance!  

Dual line stunt kites

Our dual line stunt kites need some more skill and practice.  They are steerable and you can learn how to do all sorts of stunts in the air.  We love this series of videos which explain how you get started stunt kite flying.

Introduction to stunt kites

Stunt kite pre launch

Beginning to fly your stunt kite

Controlling and manouvering your stunt kite

Landing your stunt kite and the cleanup process

Dual and Quad Line Foils

Our dual and quad line foil kites have a number of advanatages as well.  You can fold them up really small as they don't have any rigid struts or bars, they are pretty much indestructible and fly easily in light winds.  

All of our stunt and foil kites contain instructions for how to fly them but in case you need some extra tips, please try these videos

How to fly a power kite